Choosing between policies and values

May 4th, 2016 by

A voter emailed me to ask my policies, so I pointed them to my manifesto here.

I’ve always found this country’s fascination with policies unusual. In my view, when voting for someone you should be voting on whether they share your values. Under the law in the UK, manifesto commitments carry no legitimate expectations, so policies count for nothing.
In 2010/15 people should have be asking themselves whether to vote Tory, because the Tory values are around cutting public spending because they believe public spending is a bad thing. They are now reducing trade union rights, so people should have known that Tories are against trade unions.
So in deciding how to vote, I think people should vote for me because those who know me know I am a good person who is principled and does the right thing.
If I were elected my policies would only count for something if I could convince the other parties to back them. But whichever votes came up, I’d hope those who know me would think I’d take the progressive line that they would want their elected representatives to take.