BBC is treating OMRLP disgracefully

April 22nd, 2016 by
Whilst I am an Independent candidate in the Welsh Assembly elections, I have no complaint that I am not getting any coverage from the BBC – my eminence comes from my professional and not my political life.
I am however disgusted the way you are treating my best friend who is standing against me – that is Mark Beech.
Mark Beech is a member of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party and has worked exceptionally hard to get five candidates in each region in Wales, securing a party political broadcast.
His party – in Wales – therefore has the same status as the Green Party. However, the BBC has be showering the Green Party in Wales with TV and online news coverage, yet have given no airtime or column inches to his.
I find it totally immoral that a public service broadcaster is not treating of the main parties equally when it comes to news coverage. The Green Party should not be treated as a major party as it only has one election broadcast, whereas all the major parties have two.
I personally expect no news coverage from the BBC, despite being more experienced and qualified than most of those standing against me. But I strongly object to the way my best friend and his party are being treated by the BBC when in terms of Wales the Green Party are no more significant a main party than he is.