No-fly-zone guarded refugee camps right option

October 19th, 2015 by

It is my view that the UK Government’s policy on creating refugee camps in Syria is the right one, even if it is being done for political and not ethical reasons.

Working with the UN to create safe and well supplied refugee camps, protected with RAF and Royal Navy no-fly zones, will do a lot more to help refugees than encouraging them to take risky journeys to Europe.

The picture the media showed of just one Syrian boy is eclipsed by the 100s that die on the way to Europe each day. Once this image ceases to have effect, the xenophobia that arose from the first Tory government’s cuts to welfare will be eclipsed by those refugees receiving aid from the UK government that its own home-born citizens are being denied even more so following the election.

I prefer to call Europe’s problem the “migration crisis” rather than the “refugee” or “migrant” crisis. It is the war in Syria that is causing the need for migration, not the people who are the victims of that war. If there were safe refugee camps in Syria, which parents would seriously risk their children’s lives to cross into Europe?